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Deconstruction Forum

The demolition industry is about handling the space change, taking care of the needs and/or requirements of the customer to leave an empty space.

To do so, we need to work together with other industries so deeply connected to the demolition, as part of what is now called deconstruction: hazardous waste decontamination, concrete sawing and drilling, dismantling, decommissioning, demolition, preparation for recycling, recycling, …

These activities are all connected, being ourselves (the demolition industry) an important actor to all of them. EDA is inviting all these industries to celebrate together an open conference and debate sessions about our work together.

The “Deconstruction Forum” is organized by EDA in partnership with IACDS, the European Decontamination Institute, FIR and IDE.



The final program of the Deconstruction Forum 2014 is available on the following languages:

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Who and What?

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The Deconstruction Forum will be on June 12th – 14th, 2014




It will be held in Madrid (SPAIN)

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