The demolition industry and demolition technology have developed very positively over the past few years. 25 years of fundamental change. Due to new or adapted legal regulations and social framework conditions, the industry has responded to a wide range of requirements I have to. The manufacturers of construction machinery and attachments have to meet the needs the industry so that the demolition technology today very highly engineered and the quality demands placed on the demolition specialists have risen sharply. Equipment technology in demolition and dismantling together with the specialist foundation engineering business is one of the most investment-intensive of the construction sector.

With constantly growing and changing, legal and social The general conditions are also increasing in terms of quality, occupational health and safety and environmental protection conditions for businesses. Special The qualification of employees is therefore of great importance. When choosing a demolition method and the right demolition technique, they must consider numerous influencing factors, the significance of which is a conscientious analysis of the optimum demolition technology and the respective advantages and disadvantages of the options for action against each other and with them. The German Demolition Association supports its members for all questions concerning this complex field of expertise.


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