AEDED Annual Forums – Presentation

These forums are annual events that are initiated by the Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of Demolition Entrepreneurs, AEDED.

Below are the different past and future editions organized by AEDED, as well as the forums organized by the Hazardous Waste Decontamination Association, ADRP, and the Cutting and Drilling Association, AEDT, recently integrated into AEDED.

In addition, you can also find information on the three editions of the Forum on Deconstruction, an event that was held three times and was organized by the three associations mentioned above.

Deconstruction Forum

Previous Editions

Deconstruction Forum 2019

Deconstruction Forum 2018

Deconstruction Forum 2017

FD_2016_banner_690x255 AEDED_FD_2015_220x81jpg FD_2013_220x81

Deconstruction Forum 2016

Deconstruction Forum 2015

Deconstruction Forum 2013

Diamond Forum

Previous Editions

Diamond Forum 2017

Diamond Forum 2015

Diamond Forum 2014

Diamond Forum 2012

Diamond Forum 2011

Diamond Forum 2010

Demolition Forum

Previous Editions

AEDED_Foro2016_220x81 AEDED_Foro2015_220x81

Demolition Forum 2017

Demolition Forum 2016

Demolition Forum 2015

AEDED_Foro_demolicion_2014_220x81 AEDED_Cabecera_Foro2012_220x81 AEDED_Foro_2011_220x81

Demolition Forum 2014

Demolition Forum 2012

Demolition Forum 2011




Demolition Forum 2010

Demolition Forum 2009