EDA Think tank 2014: “Recycling and end-of-life of construction products”


Demolition is about handling the space change, transforming waste (what used to be construction products) into new resources and creating at the same time room for future development.

Everyone involved on this process, from the general public, to construction product manufacturers, public administrations,… and the demolition industry itself, is very interested to work towards a circular economy (oriented to reuse and recycle as much as possible).

Even more, as new legislation from the European Commission will be prepared shortly to update the actual framework on waste, it seems reasonable to think collectively on this common goal and propose solutions to the society.

For this purpose, the European Demolition Association, EDA, and Construction Products Europe, CPE (the European Association representing the manufacturers of construction products), organized this activity.

Both organizations are umbrella associations, including as members multiple types of associations and companies from all over Europe, and the meeting is only for member of EDA or CPE.


Thursday – October 16th, 2014 – For EDA and CPE members

The think tank was a morning meeting, with two sessions of debate.

There was a panel of experts to introduce the topics and the key goal of the meeting is to engage the participation, with an open debate, from the members of EDA and CPE.


The think tank was held at:


Lombardstraat 34 – 42
1000 Brussels (BELGIUM)


08:30 – Accreditation of participants

09:00 – Welcome by EDA Delegate

09:15 – Session 1: Recycling of construction and demolition waste

10:45 – Coffee break

11:15 – Session 2: End-of-lfe of construction products

13:00 – Closing remarks by CPE Delegate

A light lunch was served after the think tank to encourage networking and collective thinking.