Circular Economy working group – G3

The working group “Circular Economy” aims to collect the existing information about circular economy in Europe, mainly focus in the construction sector and communicate the point of view of the demolition, decontamination and recycling industries (DDR). It is called G3.

The scope of this group to foster debate and common work about the basic references and guidelines of a circular economy model that works for the whole community and can help to achieve feasible and sustainable goals. In this specific case it is very important to share national initiatives to learn about to learn from success stories and proposals for improvement.

The group is composed and coordinated by the member companies of the association and other related companies or entities, which wish to collaborate with EDA, are also invited to participate.

This working group, active since 2020, has coordinated and participated in the following activities:

G3S1 – Legislation

This subgroup was created to review the EU Waste Framework Directive, highlight issues and propose alternatives. It has been involved with the following activities:

G3S5 – Pre-audit

This subgroup started in 2017. It has been involved with the following activities:

G3S6 – Recyclable materials

Almost 33% of the waste generated in Europe comes from the construction sector, and 90% of the materials obtained during construction and demolition activities are inert materials that can be easily recycled. Therefore, the aim is to explain that these materials are not waste, but resources to create secondary raw materials.

This group starts in the 2nd half of 2023 and is coordinated by:

Mr. Martin Car


How to participate?

If you are interested in participating in this working group or any other, follow this link

Please note that specific rules apply to each working group/subgroup, depending on the phase of each project or the annual work plan.

The dates of the main meetings and documentation of this working group are published in the partnership calendar.