End-of-life of industrial facilities working group – G9

The working group “End-of-life of industrial facilities” aims to produce a document addressed to asset owners and customers about the dismantling of the industrial plants, to show the best practices of the demolition industry.

It started in 2021 and was coordinated by:

Ms Kate Bester


Mr Jose Férnandez Gil


The scope of this group is to foster debate and common work among companies related to the dismantling process, the main challenges and risks, steps and solutions to deliver a successful project.

Participants: this group is mainly focused on demolition contractors, engineering and consulting companies which are directly involved in the dismantling of any kind of industrial plant. In addition, it is allowed the participation of potential groups of customers (i.e., EU Associations of Energy plants, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, …).

This working group has coordinated and participated in the following activities:

How to participate?

If you are interested in participating in this working group or any other, follow this link

Please note that specific rules apply to each working group/subgroup, depending on the phase of each project or the annual work plan.

The dates of the main meetings and documentation of this working group are published in the partnership calendar.