Are there any other attachments for other related applications?

All carriers and attachments are designed to accomplish determined tasks in certain applications. Most of them are efficient in only a limited number of applications but some of them are versatile enough to handle different jobs and conditions.

That is why there are some attachments, identical to demolition and recycling attachments, that can be used for other applications related. Those applications are:

  • Quarrying and mining: It is an analogous activity to demolition. It is very common the use of breakers, rippers, drum cutters, screening buckets and crushers. All the attachments used in demolition can be used for these applications.
  • Tunnelling: It is a special application that can be very similar to underground mining. It is also very common the use of breakers, rippers and drum cutters.
  • Site preparation: This work is very related to demolition, as before construction work begins there are several preparation jobs to do on a job site. If there are existing, the site preparation will be done as a part of the demolition process. In that case, the attachments required will be the same as in any other similar demolition job. Anyway, although demolition would not be required, it may be necessary to use similar attachments, as the soil will probably need to be excavated.
  • Trenching: When doing pipeline and cable works it is necessary to excavate a ditch in the ground. Depending on the soil, it can be done simply with an excavator but very often breakers,
    rippers or drum cutters are required. In hard rock areas drilling and blasting may be mandatory.
  • Road and railway construction: This type of project may include a lot of possible applications, from tunnelling and quarrying to paving of new asphalt. There may also be necessary the demolition of old roads and bridges and sometimes even entire villages. Therefore, it seems quite obvious that demolition and recycling attachments will be used in this type of job.
  • Military: Some military applications can be handled with demolition and recycling attachment tools.


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