How should the assembly be done to ensure safe working conditions?

Demolition and recycling attachments should always be assembled in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

However, when an assembly machine attachment is going to be done it is essential to be an area with firm and level ground, clear and without any equipment not being used around. This operation should always be done by a competent and trained person.

Moreover, before the assembly, it is recommended to ensure that the original manufacturer’s pins and pin retaining systems are located and secured with the manufacturer’s recommended locking devices.

What training should the person doing the assembly have?

Generally, the operator who will manage and operate the demolition or recycling attachment will be the same person in charge of performing the assembly machine-attachment.

Therefore, as a general rule, the training required by the person who is going to do the assembly is the one exposed in section 6.5 of this guide.


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