What is an attachment for demolition and recycling?

According to the standard EN 474-1:2007+A6:2020 (Earth-moving machinery – Safety – Part 1: General requirements), an attachment is defined as a “component or assembly of components, which can be mounted onto the base machine or equipment”.

Demolition and recycling attachments are those tools designed and manufactured specifically to be attached to the dipper arm or main boom of demolition and recycling machines, either directly or via a quick coupler.

Each type of attachment is appropriate to fulfil a specific job in the field of demolition and recycling and it is designed to be fitted to a machine with certain characteristics (type of machine, size, etc.). In any case, demolition and recycling attachments are always specific for this type of job and they never should be used for lifting duties.

In recent years, technical development has made it possible to design and manufacture sophisticated and powerful attachments for demolition and recycling. Nowadays, there are in the market a large number of types of attachments, which can develop various duties in the sector.

What are these attachments used for?

The attachments described in the previous section are used for different duties in demolition, deconstruction and recycling jobs. They must be fitted to a compatible machine, designed and
manufactured specifically for these types of works.

There exists a wide range of attachments for demolition and deconstruction jobs that can cut, break and remove various materials, which facilitate the demolition of a lot of types of constructions,
such as:

  • Wooden houses and structures
  • Brick and other masonry buildings
  • Concrete buildings and structures
  • Apartment and office buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Bridges and viaducts
  • Railways
  • Roads

Additionally, demolition and deconstruction works, they are also used in renovations to remove certain elements or to do partial demolitions. These types of works range from small interventions, such as removing paint from a surface to huge works, such as making structural changes or removing and replacing the whole plumbing network of a big building.

About recycling jobs of construction and demolition materials, the mentioned attachments can be used, either on the job site, during the deconstruction process, or later at a terminal. In any case, these types of duties are intended to separate the different classes of materials.

In the same domain, recycling attachments have a lot of applications in the dismantling of cars, ships, trains and planes.


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