Which machines (carriers) can they be used with?

Demolition and recycling attachments require a carrier to provide power and to move them into the working position. The attachment and carrier must be compatible, and the carrier should be
powerful enough to get maximum productivity out of the attachment, but not so powerful that it causes damage or premature wear to the attachment.

Decades ago, attachment tools were typically carried by hydraulic excavators, but nowadays there are a lot of different types of carriers that can be used.

The most common carriers used with demolition and recycling are the ones described in the figure below:


  • Compact excavators
  • Crawler excavators
  • Wheeled excavators
  • High-reach excavators


  • Backhoe loaders
  • Skid steer loaders
  • Compact tracked loaders


  • Material handlers
  • Demoliton robots

Moreover, in addition to the aforementioned ones, there exist more carriers that although they are not present in much demolition jobsites, they are occasionally used in demolition jobs. Some of these machines are, for example, wheel loader or telescopic handlers.


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