EDA Industry Report

General information

Since 2015, the European Demolition Association has been working to produce solid data and statistics about the evolution and trends of the demolition industry.

The data and information collected have allowed EDA to produce several editions of the European Demolition Industry report.

This document includes detailed information about the trends of the demolition industry in previous years, forecasts and specific information about the industry.

Current edition

European Demolition Industry Report 2023


What is the EDA Industry Report?

This report provides a visual overview of Europe’s demolition industry from data gathered in the current year. It includes forecasts and specific information about the demolition activity given by the contractors themselves.

The gathered information is presented at a European level and country by country. The languages used in this publication are English and the official language of the country is analyzed.

Comparative graphs have also been put together to showcase the industry’s evolution.

Why is it done?

These reports provide a global EU view, combined with a national view of the countries directly related with EDA, which can help demolition industry stakeholders in their knowledge of the business inbounds and abroad.

It is addressed to any demolition stakeholders in Europe: contractors, suppliers, public institutions, …

How is it done?

All data is collected directly from demolition contractors from all over Europe, through an on-line survey, translated in several European languages to avoid mistakes and misinterpretations.

The survey includes general questions about the companies, the evolution in the last year and the forecast for the current year.

All responses to the questions are anonymous, no identification data of the company is asked, and an overall analysis of the data is made.

The project is led from EDA Secretariat and in collaboration with the participants on the Statistics working group of EDA.

What does it include?

  • Presentation
  • Introduction
  • General situation of the European market
  • Quantitative analysis (overall analysis at European level, and country by country):
    • Company and activity
    • How was the current year
    • Forecast for next year
  • More information
    • References
    • About EDA
    • EDA members

Previous editions

The EDA Industry Report includes free online access to previous editions:

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