End-of-life of industrial facilities


In 2021, the European Demolition Association (EDA) partnered with large-scale demolition contractors, asset owners and industry specialists to create a multi-national workgroup focussed on the end-of-life preparation for industrial facilities.

The main purpose of this document is to provide a general overview of basic aspects of the end-of-life of industrial facilities. Our goal is to put together some of the best practices, basic references and useful recommendations from industry, and to develop a practical guideline that highlights the main challenges, risks, steps and solutions to deliver a successful end-of-life demolition project.


On this page, you can find the most important contents of the guide:

What are the main causes for the end-of-life of an industrial facility?

What should be done during the normal operation of an industrial facility to prepare for end-of-life?

How to handle the health and safety of your operation when end-of-life comes?

Unexpected end-of-life of industrial facilities

Scheduled end-of-life of industrial facilities


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