How can you find a specialist?

Appointing a suitable demolition contractor for an end-of-life project is critical. The following list includes some of the suggested requirements that contractors should meet, in order to be considered for large-scale projects:

  • Experience of the contractor in similar projects: Ask potential contractors for contactable references on projects of a similar size, scope and nature.
  • Long term of existence of the contractor
  • Access or ownership of specialised equipment and machinery, including machinery capable of sorting and processing waste
  • Adequate, skilled and experienced permanent personnel, including engineers
  • Proof of suitable systems and procedures for similar projects, in accordance with all relevant requirements for safety, health, environment, personnel and quality management.
  • The contractor has licenses, permits, certificates, etc. determined by legislation.

To determine qualitative and quantitative criteria, it is necessary to create a commission con- sisting of specialists qualified in construction, ecology and safety. After determining the cri- teria, it is possible to independently conduct market analysis and search for a specialized contractor, invite suitable contractors to participate in the project, or contact the professional bodies of demolition contractors to obtain recommendations on potential contractors.

Among all these possible providers, we highly recommend contacting both international and national associations that bring together the best professionals from the demolition sector and attract the most qualified and experienced demolition companies capable of responding to large-scale national disasters.

These associations develop in-house databases of professional demolition contractors willing to respond to a national disaster, including equipment, workforce, training, and experience.


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