CECE Annual Economic Report 2019



The CECE Annual Economic Report contains sections on the macro economic situation, the performance of the construction sector, the main markets and main segments of the European construction equipment industry.

The report includes also information from the national CECE member associations, shedding more light on regional developments in the European construction equipment sector.

The full report with detailed figures and graphs can be viewed and downloaded from the CECE website.


2018 was the strongest year for the European construction equipment sector after the economic crisis of 2008/09: sales on the European market grew by 11%, and the absolute market level is now 10% below the 2007 peak.

There was a considerably growing momentum over the year: after a 5% sales increase in the first quarter (compared to Q1 2017), growth was at 8.5% and 9.4% in the second and third quarter, respectively.

The last quarter even saw an unexpected boom with sales growing by 15% year-over-year.