CEN and CENELEC Annual Report 2020



This report provides an overview of the relevant and diverse standardization activities that our community implemented in 2020, a challenging year where standards were crucial to offer safe solutions and build trust.
2020 has been a busy year for the CEN and CENELEC community: our standards for medical and protection equipment enabled the protection of persons and professionals, we set out on a path that enables the green and digital transition in key strategic areas – like hydrogen, cloud, batteries and AI – and we provided support in key areas for the European economy recovery, such as construction, electromobility, or manufacturing. Our ability to address a wide range of sectors with customised and forward-looking solutions is a clear demonstration of CEN and CENELEC’s commitment to contribute to the recovery and resilience of the European economy.


Some highlights that testify the commitment of CEN and CENELEC to generating trust, fulfilling market requirements, enabling global market access and foster innovation for a better, safer and more sustainable Europe included in this report are:

  • CEN and CENELEC’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lessons learnt;
  • our joint Strategy 2030;
  • the continuous efforts to provide digital solutions and develop “standards of the future”;
  • the support European Standards provide to the EU’s Green ambitions, as expressed in the Green Deal– from energy efficiency to the circular economy;
  • the development of European Standards for the Digital Transition on cybersecurity and AI;
  • our strong collaboration with ISO and IEC to enable at global level the competitiveness of our industry, both large and small.

These successes, and many others, are a good example of the strength of the European Standardization System, which allows CEN and CENELEC to look with optimism to a stronger and more resilient Europe in 2021 and the future.