Conference – Meeting CDW management challenges in Greece


Around one third of all waste generated in the EU comes from construction and demolition activities. Because of this, EDA has collaborated with PEDMEDE ECO to create a webinar related to this topic.

More specifically, the webinar “Meeting CDW management challenges in Greece” dealt with Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) and how this issue is going to be tackled in Greece since PEDMEDE ECO has worked on a project to reduce this type of waste and spread awareness to the industry.

Mr. Michail Daktylidis, president of PEDMEDE, together with Ms. Paraskevi Angelakopoulou, Project Manager of PEDMEDE, and other experts, dealt with questions such as “what is the current situation of the demolition industry?” and “what training materials are available in the PEDMEDE CDW Program?”

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Meeting CDW management challenges in Greece


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