EDA Yearbook 2023





The European Demolition Association prepares every year a special publication to disseminate and promote best practices, new methods and to show what happened in the industry.

The EDA Yearbook 2023 is a dissemination tool that collects the expertise and knowledge of the demolition industry. The EDA Yearbook 2023 incorporate among its contents the vision of the national associations members of EDA on the situation of the sector. As well as articles written by other associations, public entities and the media.

This special publication aims to promote best practices and be a reference document to get a feel of the state of the sector and know more about the National Associations that are involved in EDA. Also, we have unique content with the inclusion of dialogues with renowned personalities in the sector.


As usual, the yearbook will include the vision of different member associations on the situation of the sector, as well as a series of articles of interest written by professionals of the sector.The publication is carried out through articles elaborated by different EDA members and other key stakeholders of the industry.


The printing of this publication is possible thanks to the sponsorship of related companies. This time, the EDA Yearbook 2023 is sponsored by the following entities:

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