EU framework to assess the overall impacts of occupational health and safety prevention


The European Commission has created a document, Development of an EU framework, where it gathers the most relevant information on the global impacts of occupational safety and health (OSH) prevention on the performance of construction companies.

Some of the most relevant topics are the taxonomy of OSH prevention costs and benefits, the mapping of OSH prevention initiatives and the cost-benefit profile or the Framework of OSH prevention initiatives and the cost-benefit profile.

In addition, several case studies and each country is analyzed individually.



This study developed an EU framework to assess the impacts of OSH prevention on the performance of construction enterprises.

The focus in this assessment was on micro-economic benefits of OSH implementation, not societal or sectoral benefits. For this purpose, a taxonomy of costs and benefits of OSH prevention was created based on desk research.

In addition, the study team conducted a mapping of national and sectoral initiatives related to OSH prevention in construction and their costs and benefits profiles.

Finally, a financial framework was developed to allow companies to assess their benefits of investing into OSH. The framework was validated in case studies with construction companies as well as in consultation with stakeholders.



  • Format: A4
  • Number of pages: 220
  • Scheduled date: May 2020

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