European Demolition Industry Report 2023



The European Demolition Industry Report 2023 is on the way!

The purpose of this study is to collect the relevant and specific data about the demolition industry. This report posesses a very high value for the industry professionals, as it explains and forecasts the current state and activities of the sector.


The answers to the survey can be submitted until April 30th, 2023.

How do we do it?

Based on two separate questionnaires, one for contractors and the other for suppliers, EDA’s Industry Report will provide a better understanding of the market, giving an overview of the trends in the industry in Europe.

The surveys are conducted through a specialized platform.

Completing the survey only takes 5 minutes and that time spent translates into:

  • Generating a reference document for companies and entities related to demolition.
  • Providing a global vision of the sector in Europe.
  • To provide tools for greater visibility and recognition of demolition.

According to GDPR and compliance regulations, this survey is completely anonymous, nobody will be able to know who replies what.

Only one questionnaire per company is needed.


This survey is aimed at the companies that operate in the demolition industry, both EDA members and non-EDA members.

It distinguishes between two categories: contractors and suppliers.


As a token of appreciation, all of the companies that had correctly filled in the survey will be given full unlimited access to the Industry Report 2023 once it’s published.

The expected release date for the European Demolition Industry Report is June 2023.

The Survey



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