Guide about End-of-life of industrial facilities


In the 20th century, many industrial plants were built to optimise space, increase productivity, and reduce risks to workers.

However, every construction has an expected lifespan, and many facilities are currently scheduled for shutdown, decommissioning, and dismantling.

This means planning, implementing, and monitoring a complex project with several phases. It is therefore essential to count on the collaboration of specialised professionals to successfully carry out the end of life of these industrial facilities.

The Guide about End-of-life of industrial facilities brings together the experience and knowledge of specialised companies, showing that they play an important role as partners of the facility owners, such as power plants, nuclear plants, chemical, oil and gas facilities, …

Its main objectives are to guide facility owners with the steps to take when facing a scheduled deactivation or an unexpected event; to highlight the main challenges and risks, as well as the steps and solutions; and to highlight the relevance of working with professionals to deliver a successful project.

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ISBN 978-84-18761-28-7
Date February 2022
Pages 60 (A4)
Type Technical guide
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