EDA sends an e-newsletter on an ongoing basis, which is sent by e-mail to professionals, companies and other entities involved with the demolition industry.

EDA newsletter is sent twice per month.

It contents info about EDA and its activities and works by subscription (anyone can subscribe).

The advertising service on the association e-newsletter allows you to present your last news about your company, services or products, with a direct link to the website of your choice.

You will be able to get a really high and fast return on your advertising investment.


  • High visibility in a very highly valued format by employers in the industry.
  • The newsletter contains information on association’s activities and news, being a reading of great interest for professionals involved with de demolition industry.
  • EDA Newsletter reaches directly decision-makers mail box. Your message will get to professionals of the demolition industry, a very interesting target being generally decision-makers.
  • Each advertiser is given a report of the distribution of the newsletter with your add on it.
  • The advertiser does not compete with other brands or advertisers, creating a very positive image among readers, with a great value to the product or service advertised supporting the association.


  • The newsletter is produced as a full-color e-mail.
  • Sent in a personal and direct way (destination personalized, to a direct e-mail of the decision-makers in the business, entrepreneurs, professionals, and representatives of different entities in the guild).

There are three different possibilities to advertise on EDA newsletter:

  • Leaderboard (550×480 px), right on the top of the newsletter.
  • Top banner (468×60 px), just over the e-newsletter text.
  • Bottom banner (468×60 px), at the bottom of the newsletter.



 Leaderboard Members Non-members
1 Month 500€ 700€
3 Months 1000€ 1400€
6 Months 1500€ 2100€
12 Months 2000€ 2800€
 Top Banner Members Non-members
1 Month 300€ 500€
3 Months 600€ 1000€
6 Months 900€ 1500€
12 Months 1200€ 2000€
 Bottom Banner Members Non-members
1 Month 100€ 300€
3 Months 200€ 600€
6 Months 300€ 900€
12 Months 400€ 1200€

Agreement terms

  • The advertiser must provide the banner which wants to get published.
  • The advertiser must provide an address to link with the ad.
  • The banner must be a picture (admitted: JPG, GIF, and PNG).
  • The image can be static or animated (a maximum of 5 seconds for moving banners).
  • The contract period must be paid in full before the appearance of the banner on the web.

The association reserves the right to refuse admission to the contents of the banner and advertisers.

Remember that the Secretariat of the association remains available to help you and give you more information.

Please, contact us to gather any other information you need about this service.

Marketing opportunity request: your banner on EDA Newsletter

If you’d like your banner to appear on EDA Newsletter, please fill up this form and send it to us.

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