The 4th edition of the Serbian Demolition Conference


The European Demolition Association, EDA, participated on 29th November in the conference “Habits-Practice-Rules” organized by the Serbian Demolition Association in Belgrade. The topic of this seminar was hazardous materials in construction and after a two-year hiatus, the members were able to get together and have a great time.

This project came to life in the municipality of Čajetina and for the first time, there was a citizen guest: Mrs. Nataša Kovačević. She gave an overture to the whole event about the problems that citizens face with the presence of dangerous materials and construction work on buildings.

Representatives of domestic science and research also presented an exceptional project on the decontamination of railway ties and thereby contributed to how important this new industry is in that area. The need for better projects within the energy efficiency of buildings was also shown, as hazardous materials would have to be removed, and materials that could be more easily recycled should be installed.

The event was a success and the organizers were “extremely satisfied” with the open questions and the given solutions. They also used the occasion to present internationally recognized certificates to the companies that completed the asbestos training.

In their words, they agreed that “the experiences of our friends from abroad, which they passed on to us (Austria, Sweden, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands for example), are very important, so we can learn from their mistakes and make a good domestic model of work and resource management.