Demolition and decontamination industries, reunited in Berlin


2023 begins its course throbbing with activity. As more and more face-to-face activities take hold, companies, administrations, and national associations make the most of this opportunity to get together and enjoy the experience of on-site events.

Welcoming the beginning of spring, the Deutsch demolition association, DA – DEUTSCHER ABBRUCHVERBAND, celebrated its annual event: FACHTAGUNG ABBRUCH 2023.

The convention, which took place in Berlin this past March 3rd, reunited once again the demolition professionals from all around Europe. This year, the attendance was outstanding: over 1,200 participants and 117 exhibitors have flown to the German capital to discuss the current state of the industry.

This FACHTAGUNG ABBRUCH marks the return of the convention. Its last edition took place in 2020, right before the COVID-19 pandemic; since then, the event has been postponed in both 2021 and 2022. Hence, when it was finally announced, the industry professionals were over the moon with excitement.

Many of the EDA members attended the event. The stands of the companies such as ACDE, GENESIS, INDECO, Lehnhoff, Lieherr, Rammer, and MBI Group were present throughout the convention.

As for the association in itself, the EDA Yearbook 2022, as well as the EDI Special Publication 2022, made an appearance as well.

These events are an incredible and unique opportunity to get together and meet in person with our members So, we’d like to give our appreciation to the DA for organizing the convention; and to our associates, for attending-

We hope to see you again at the EDA Annual Convention!