EDA headquarters move to Brussels


EDA is moving.

Since January 1st, 2011, EDA has changed its address to the city of Brussels, just across the street of the EU Commission.

Brussels is not just a new address, is a way to come back to the origins. EDA did a great job in the past supporting countries that did not have a national association, plus gave interesting contents to international meetings, where the expertise from different demolition companies could be shown.

Brussels is also a way of saying that EDA wants to be closer to the administrative and legislative head of the new Europe. At the same time, the EDA wants to support on a better and new way the national associations, helping them with those items that affect all of the members.

This change reflects the willing of EDA to go with the times, to look for new ways of sharing knowledge and to create networks of companies and professionals.

New contact details of EDA:

EDA – European Demolition Association
Rond Point Schuman 6, 5
1040 Brussels (BELGIUM)

Tel.: (+32) 280 827 60

E-mail: info@europeandemolition.org