EDA starts the year with the Webinar “Steel, reuse and Circular Economy”



With the beginning of the year, EDA presents the first webinar on “Steel, reuse and Circular Economy: Opportunities and Challenges for the Demolition Industry”. This session will be held on the 31st of January at 15:00h (Brussels) and will be given by Mr. Carlos del Castillo, a representative of the European Convention for COnstructional Steelwork, ECCS.

The main objective of the webinar is to give a good vision of what is possible, what tools are available and what remains to be done in the demolition industry in regards to steel and circular economy.

The program is divided into 4 parts that will provide a response to the situation. The presentation about the association and ECCS will be followed by the role of reuse in Sustainable Construction, steele and reuse in Construction, and the opportunities and challenges for the demolition industry.

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