EU-OSHA launches its campaign on the Healthy Workplaces


The European Demolition Association, EDA, has long been a partner with the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, EU-OSHA, and took an active role in its activities. And now, we’d like to bring you yet another initiative: the EU-OSHA campaign on Healthy Workplaces.

This campaign was announced during the EU Partnership Meeting, held both in Brussels and online. Its primary objective was to “engage and attract both existing and potential Offical Campaign Partners”.

During the meeting, several members of the EU-OSHA explained the main goals and motivation of the campaign. It is targeted specifically at the safe and healthy work in the digital age, raising awareness by organizing events, projects and such. The comparing focuses on several questions, among which is the use of artificial intelligence, mobile and hybrid work, and smart digital systems. 

As EU-OSHA’s Interim Executive Director, Mr William Cockburn Salazar, expressed:

To mitigate these potential negative effects, it is imperative that digital technologies are designed, implemented, managed and regulated, putting the human at the centre. In all of this, your support and collaboration are vital.”

On behalf of the EDA, we encourage our partners and other National associations to take part in this initiative. Safety in the workplace, especially in the digital age, is an ever-present topic; and it is incredibly relevant within the construction industry. This can be done by promoting educational activities, publications and events on the topic.