Get to know the latest IAEA publications!


Throughout the years, the European Demolition Association, EDA, has worked closely with the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA. As recently as this year, IAEA was present as a speaker at the EDA Annual Convention 2023.

In particular, the IAEA, in collaboration with RECYCLING ASSITANCE, an EDA member, have organized the Workshop about nuclear decommissioning. This presentation deals with the IAEA activities on the topic while providing an overview of the organization in the nuclear field.

During the workshop. some of the IAEA publications were mentioned as important sources. Three of them were especially relevant to the topics of the conference: the IAEA Bulletin about Nuclear Decommissioning; the Global Status of Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations; and Training and Human Resources considerations.

All of those publications are available, for free, on the EDA and IAEA websites. Don’t miss out on them!