Happy International Women’s Day!


Throughout the centuries, women had a particular difficulty accessing certain industries. The demolition industry was no exception. Time and time again, women had to fight just to be able to get the job; then, to have acceptable working conditions; after that, to have an equal pay.

Although the situation got better in the recent years, the struggle is not over. To this day, women are still underrepresented in the demolition industry. When it’s time to share knowledge and experience in the sector, their voices are still often being silenced and ignored; and we are fighting to change that.

Therefore today, more than ever, European Demolition Association, EDA, wants to focus on women’s points of view within the demolition industry. Our associates took their time to narrate their unique experience in the sector.

Seeing more women in demolition industry every year means that change is possible: we just have to make it happen.

Just today is not enough

However, we don’t want our actions to end today. Therefore, if you are a woman in demolition industry, we encourage you to send us a video talking about your experience, which will be featured in a special section from now on: Women’s Voices. Let your voice be heard!

This March 8th, we wish you Happy International Women’s Day. Today, and every day after that, let’s make the industry a better, more equal and accessible place together!