How the webinar on maintenance of the equipment in hazardous areas went


EDI’s first webinar of the year took place this Wednesday, January 19, and allowed all participants to learn more about equipment maintenance and precautionary measures to be taken in hazardous areas.

Its title: Maintenance of equipment in hazardous areas, already indicated the topic to be covered. Thus, Mr. Patrick Grandchamp, from HUSQVARNA BLASTRAC, and Mr. Pierre-Antoine Bottazzi, from IETS led a session specifically focused on asbestos, lead, and nuclear areas.

The speakers in addition to presenting the association and answering the program’s questions related to these types of areas carried out different practical case studies that helped attendees to illustrate all the information provided. At the end of the session, the participants did not hesitate to exchange questions and answers that further enriched the formative meeting.

Without a doubt, this webinar was a great way to start a new season!