The meeting of National Associations is coming up


Once a year the Secretaries or General Managers of the national demolition associations or federations get together to share experiences, exchange information and cooperate on common goals.

This meeting has proven to be very useful for internal purposes.

It was hosted last year by the French Demolition Association (SNED) on their offices, located in Paris.

The key topic for the 2012 meeting will be to study the regulation of the demolition activity.

This year the gathering will be in the main office of the Italian Demolition Association (NAD) in the city of Milan, on October 11-12.

There is a full day agenda to study the way in which the demolition companies are certified, registered or can get an accreditation for their activity, and look for a standard that could be applied accross Europe.

For more information, click here or contact the EDA Secretariat.