The stage V regulation extends the scope of the exhaust emission legislation to very small (< 19 kW) and very big engines (> 560 kW). It is set to reduce emissions even further by setting stricter limits and by introducing particulate number limits (PN).

The legislation defines engine categories, which are divided into sub-categories according to their power range. For each category, it sets emission limits and deadlines for implementing them, starting from 2019 to 2021 depending on the type of engine. The Regulation also allows early type approval which is a prerequisite for having new engines in time.

To contribute to a clear understanding of the Regulation and the relevant supplementing legislation for machinery manufacturers, CECE, FEM, CEMA, EGMF, Euromot and EUnited have developed a FAQ document.



This document provides answers to a series of frequently asked questions, divided into the following sections: scope, timetable for implamentation of the regulation, transition scheme, emission limits, obligations for OEMs, importers and distributors,  marking and statement of conformity, separate shipment, components and systems not provided by the engine manufacturer, replacement engines, exemptions, penalties, in-service monitoring, generating sets and electric drive machine, application and use of constant speed engines, second hand machines and market fuels.



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