Construction 2050 – Building tomorrow’s Europe today



Construction stakeholders call upon the European Commission to strengthen the current construction policy context by creating a new vision for the built environment: “Construction 2050: Building tomorrow’s Europe today”. Building upon the results of the current Construction 2020 initiative, the new framework should be based on the following principles:

  • A specific targeted approach to construction because the sector is at the crossroads of different value chains and its unique nature requires a unique approach
  • An adaptable policy framework to address the evolving construction ecosystem and the transformation of the industry
  • A holistic approach towards policy making in order to implement coherent and balanced policies and legislation
  • A strong partnership between the European institutions, the Member States and construction social partners and stakeholders to steer the transformation of the sector with the most adequate policies and tools.


  • A new construction policy framework
  • Looking ahead towards 2050
  • The main challenges for the construction ecosystem
  • How to address construction challenges?