EU Construction and Demolition Waste Management Protocol



This Protocol means the very first guidelines about C&D Waste management, which fits within the Construction 2020 strategy, as well as the Communication on Resource Efficiency Opportunities in the Building Sector.

It’s also part of the European Commission’s recently adopted Circular Economy Package, where its overall aim is to increase confidence in the Construction and Demolition waste management process and the trust in the quality of Construction and Demolition recycled materials.

The European Demolition Association, EDA, was actively involved in the process attending several workshops about the protocol during the last year an a half, through its the National Associations and members of its Secretariat.


The aims of the Protocol will be achieved by:

  • Improved waste identification, source separation, and collection
  • Improved waste logistics
  • Improved waste processing
  • Quality management
  • Appropriate policy and framework conditions

This Protocol has been developed for application in all 28 EU countries and has the following target groups of stakeholders:

  • Industry practitioners; construction sector (including renovation companies and demolition contractors), construction product manufacturers, waste treatment, transport and logistics as well as recycling companies
  • Public authorities at local, regional, national and EU levels
  • Quality certification bodies for buildings and infrastructure
  • Clients of C&D recycled materials


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