Guide about Construction and circular economy



In order to show the involvement and key role of the DDR activities (demolition, decontamination and recycling) in the circular economy system, this publication is written to explain this important change, the opportunities and challenges to be faced by the companies represented by the European Demolition Association, EDA.

The main objective of the ‘Guide about Construction and circular economy’ is to help National Associations and specialized contractors to use the new language of circular economy and to position our industry (DDR) as essential stakeholder of the solution.

It is intended to be a reference document, therefore, the language used will be simple and descriptive.

Practical information

Date End of 2021
Pages 60 approx. (A4)
Type Technical guide
Format On-line version


Some of the contents that this guide will include are:

  • Introduction to circular economy
  • The institutional framework for circular economy
  • EU regulatory framework for circular economy in construction activities
  • Construction and circular economy
  • EU tools for circular economy in construction
  • Demolition and circular economy: enabling change and development 
  • Decontamination and circular economy: the issue of hazardous substances in construction
  • Recycling and circular economy: the opportunity for a new life
  • Projects related with circular economy and construction
  • Construction products
  • The view of the construction stakeholders 
  • Working groups and networks
  • Platforms and special websites   
  • Circular economy and construction in Europe