Study on the market for decommissioning nuclear facilities in the EU



This report has been prepared for and on behalf of the European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy, Unit ENER D.2 – Nuclear energy, nuclear waste and decommissioning. Besides, it was prepared by NucAdvisor.


The European D&D market growth rate for the next 20 years is expected to be somewhat moderate, with a decline of the UK D&D expenses balanced by the rise of the German program. The decline of the German program will then be balanced by the rise of the French program.

The D&D industrial landscape remains mainly domestic in each MS, with a predominant role and budget share for the utilities/operators/owners’ own personnel.

The major schedule and cost drivers of the D&D projects (regulations, waste strategy, social management of the installations shutdowns, all MS-dependent…) make the market uncertain, perceived as “complicated” and risky, and not fostering industrial or commercial investment.

Unlike the NPP D&D, which is fully mastered and relies upon proven processes and skilled contractors, Fuel cycle and research installations D&D still needs specific developments.

Enabling a faster growing, safe and more open to non-domestic competition market necessitates that:

  • in the long term,
    o European D&D regulations (licensing, transports, waste, …) and efforts towards harmonization are continued;
    o Waste management routes are protected in Europe, in particular for the low level and the cleared waste,
  • in the short term,
    o SME access to D&D markets is supported, for which a series of initiatives are proposed.