Legal framework

The European Demolition Association, EDA, was founded in 1978, according to European law for non-profit associations.

EDA is legally registered as a non-profit association in Madrid (Spain), with European scope, and EU VAT.

EDA is registered under the European Union Transparency Register, for the European Parliament and the European Commission, with registration number 437180632625-02.

EDA is fully owned by its members.


EDA legal address is:

EDA – Av. Rey Juan Carlos 92, 4th floor (RABUSO)
28916 Leganés – Madrid (SPAIN).


EDA also has offices in Brussels, at:

EDA – Rue des Colonies 11, 1st floor (RABUSO)
1000 Brussels (BELGIUM)

For more information and/or support, contact the EDA Secretariat


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