Frank Berbée joins the EDA Club of Honor


With the EDA Annual Convention, 2023 came another important announcement: the EDA Club of Honor has a new member!

Frank Berbée is the founder of DEHACO BV, a Dutch supplier. They joined EDA in 2014, almost ten years ago, and have been active members and participants ever since.

During the Gala Dinner of the EDA Annual Convention 2023, which took place in a National Maritime Museum, the president of the association, Stefano Panseri, made a surprise speech announcing the incorporation of Frank Berbée in the Club of Honor. In his words:

“There is one special friend, a colleague on many nights of conventions, somebody that knows how to create a delegation a mobility the orange spirit.”

A special speech was also delivered by Mark Berbée, Sales Manager of DEHACO,  and Frank Berbée’s son. Afterwards, Stefano Panseri delivered the new Club of Honor member his medal.

On behalf of the EDA, we congratulate Frank Berbée for his well-deserved incorporation into the Club of Honor. It is always a pleasure to celebrate and acknowledge the hard work and dedication that the professionals of the industry pour into their work!