The French Presidency’s ambitions for the next 6 months


  • France assumes rotating EU presidency months before national elections.

From January 1 to June 30, 2022, France holds the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union. This is an opportunity to set the EU’s political agenda for the current semester, offering the possibility to prioritize specific issues and steer negotiations.

In a shared 18-month Council program, the so-called “trio” (consisting of three Presidencies – France, Czech Republic and Sweden) will strive to find common solutions to the objectives at hand, based on the priorities set out in the Strategic Agenda for 2019-2024. The Strategic Agenda revolves around four main priorities: protecting citizens and freedoms; developing a strong and dynamic economic base; building a climate-neutral, ecological, just and social Europe; promoting European interests and values on the world stage.

The crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is also an unprecedented challenge to which the trio is committed to overcoming the economic and social shock.

On the French Presidency’s proposed agenda and program are several key regulations and dossiers that have a potential impact on the construction sector, including a number of activities focused on the circular economy, energy efficiency, the Renovation Wave, the Green Deal and NextGenerationEU.  For example, the commitment to reduce the climate impact in the construction and real estate sector taking forward new initiatives the market may have to comply with.