DDR Forum & Expo 2017


Demolition, decontamination, and recycling have become trending issues for the European Commission and all the related stakeholders since they represent an integral part of the Circular Economy.

Legislation changes and new challenges are just about to arrive. So, better to be prepared.

That’s why EDA, in partnership with EDI, is organizing the DDR Expo 2017, the first and unique European trade fair specialized in demolition, decontamination, and recycling.

This is the event where all the professionals of these activities could meet, discover the news and exchange knowledge.

The time is now, the place is DDR Expo.

Best Moments of DDR Expo 2017


DDR 2017 had two different conference spaces: a plenary room and a work area, where presentations were held from 9:00 to 18:00 on Wednesday 14 June and Thursday 15 June, and from 9:00 to 13:00 on Friday 16 June.

Throughout this time, the exhibition area was open with the aim of showing the latest developments in machinery and equipment for these sectors, as well as to facilitate contracts between all attendees.

Some of the topics are:

Decontamination of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)
Demolition of damaged buildings and infrastructure
Development of the Circular Economy in Europe

In addition, other topics of reference in these areas were touched upon through collaborating institutions:

Metal Recycling: Trends and Business Opportunities (by Metals for Building).
Recycling of construction and demolition waste (by the FIR).

Finally, on the last day, the conference programme focused on the European Commission directives, with the presentation of the waste management protocol (CD Waste) and the update of the Waste Framework.

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 Wednesday, 14th June

09:30 Official Opening and presentation of the EDA Industry report Workshop room
10:30 Recycling metals: trends and business opportunities – End of life of metals

– Round table with experts

Plenary room
10:30 Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) – Impact of the new limit values on construction and demolition

– How to implement the new health and safety requirements

Workshop room
11:30 Decontamination of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) – Case study about PCB

– Round table about H&S aspects

Plenary room
11:30 Recycling glass: developing new business models – Case study about flat glass

– Fostering innovation and business opportunities for demolition contractors

Workshop room
13:30 Digitalization and BIM applied to construction materials – From installation to end of life

– Modeling structures and buildings for demolition

Workshop room
14:00 Urban and industrial demolition case studies – Best practices and challenges Plenary room
14:30 Concrete initiative workshop – Cement, concrete, and aggregates

– Towards sustainable business models

Workshop room
15:00 Disaster recovery and emergency response – Case study

– Bringing the expertise from specialized contractors

Plenary room
15:30 Recycling plastics – Case study and panel session Workshop room
16:00 EDA General Assembly Plenary room
16:30 Circular economy projects – Flat to Flat project

– VEEP project

Workshop room



Thursday, 15th June

09:30 Construction and demolition waste assessment – Guidelines for pre-demolition audit

– Identification, inventory, and reporting

Plenary room
10:30 Hazardous waste and carcinogens in C&D – What is found today at work

– Case study about lead

Workshop room
11:30 Recycling construction and demolition waste and resources – Case studies

– Developing best practices

– Green procurement approach

Plenary room
13:00 Equipment innovation conference, presented by Caterpillar Plenary room
14:30 Recycling concrete: a circular economy model – Best practices

– Innovation and initiatives of the stakeholders

Workshop room
15:00 Soil remediation – Case study about contaminated soils with hazardous chemicals Plenary room
15:30 Recycling aggregates – Case study

– Best practices and tips for business opportunities

Workshop room
16:00 Standards and best practices for demolition – The United Kingdom and the Netherlands Demolition Code

– German VDI Guidelines

Plenary room
16:30 Circular economy projects – GtoT project

– HISER project

Workshop room


Friday, 16th June

10:00 The construction and demolition waste management protocol, prepared by the EU Commission Plenary room
10:00 Attracting workers to the sector – Initiatives of the industry

– Best practices of member states and trade associations

Workshop room
11:00 Developing new business models Plenary room
11:00 Developing a Circular Economy in Europe – The approach of the European Union

– Challenges and opportunities for construction and demolition activities

Workshop room
12:00 Update of the Waste Framework Directive – What to expect regarding backfilling and landfilling

– New waste flows (hazardous and non-hazardous)

Plenary room
13:00 Official closure of the conference program Plenary room