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The European Demolition Association, EDA, organizes a new Study Tour, a professional trip to discover the state of art of the Japanese demolition industry, the disaster response strategies and the circular economy methodologies implemented for demolition and recycling in Japan.


Japan is a strategic country for the industry, because of its knowledge about demolition, expertise on disaster response and the country is also the headquarters for several leading-edge construction and demolition equipment manufacturers.

The EDA Study Tour 2019 will allow professionals to see the activities of demolition, decommissioning and C&D recycling from a different perspective.


This professional trip addressed preferentially to professionals that are EDA members or partners, will be an intensive journey through the industry.

Along six days, EDA members and partners will get a first-hand look at the Japanese know-how during the visits to several manufacturers, demolition sites and specialized contractors.

Where and when?

The EDA Study Tour 2019 will start and end in Tokyo, from May 19 (Sunday) to 24 (Friday), and will include the travel to several cities and locations, to visit (throughout Japan) factories, job sites, equipment demos and other relevant experiences for demolition professionals.

In addition, this trip is a good moment to gather the members of EDA. So on May 20, it will take place the General Assembly of EDA.

The EDA Study Tour 2019 will end with a lunch and a conference on Friday afternoon, to meet the Japan Demolition Contractors Association (JDCA) in the Europa House (Delegation of the European Union to Japan).

This meeting, that will take approximately 4 hours, will serve as a meeting point between both associations to share experiences and create professional ties with Public Japanese Institutions and Associations. The room where it will be held has an interpreter service (Japanese – English).

Japan Demolition Contractors Association (JDCA):

It is the national association in Japan committed with the development of advanced demolition technology and it encourages recycling and reusing construction by-products and developing appropriate control-disposal of waste.

EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation (CIC):

It is a non-profit organization and a unique venture between the European Commission and the Japanese Government. It aims at promoting all forms of industrial, trade and investment cooperation between the EU and Japan and at improving EU and Japanese companies’ competitiveness.

The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation has expressed its support for EDA Study Tour 2019 through an endorsement letter which stresses the pertinence and timeliness of the trip. The entity highlights the EDA Study Tour “will further enhance the development of protocols and the promotion of best practices in the field of demolition, decontamination, and recycling”.

Download the EU-Japan CIC endorsement letter