EDA Webinar: How to unleash the potential of construction and demolition waste as a resource?




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The webinar “How to unleash the potential of construction and demolition waste as a resource” will be given by Mr. Anke Oberender, center manager of the Danish Knowledge Center for Circiular Economy in Construction, VCØB, and will be held on June, 16th at 15:00 h.

Construction and demolition waste comprises one of the largest waste streams in the EU. Building practices in the past, the use of problematic substances in construction and the lack of establishing efficient markets for high-purity and quality materials from demolition and renovation hampers the full implementation of circular economy in the sector.



  • Part 1: Presentation
    • What is EDA?
    • What is The Knowledge Center for Circular Economy in Construction and how does it support the industry?
    • Why do we do this webinar?
  • Part 2: Circular economy in practice
    • How do legislation and strategies support the implementation of circular economy in Denmark?
    • What is the status for circular economy in Denmark?
    • How does the Network on demolition – one of the many activities of the knowledge center – contribute to a more efficient use of C&D waste as a resource?
    • What is next?
  • Part 3: Questions and comments from participants

Dates and timetable

Wednesday, June 16th.

The webinar will have the following timetable (all hours are Brussels time, Central European):

15:00 – Start of the webinar

16:00 – End of the webinar



Ms. Anke Oberender




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