Amsterdam hosts the EDA meeting of National Associations


The European Demolition Association, EDA, celebrated on September, 05-06, its annual meeting of National Demolition Associations, in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

During the meeting, a brief report was made by the Secretary/CEO of each National Association to explain the general situation of the national industry. For example, VERAS talked about the Demolition Day and SEDDRe explained the evolution of its association (from demolition to upgrading to concrete cutting, decontamination and recycling).

Other topics of interest were also discussed, such as the circular economy in Europe and UE Court proceedings about VAT in demolition contracts with demolition works and management of scrap.

In addition, the national associations brought new materials to share with the attendees.

The night before, members of National Associations attended a dinner with the members of the board of VERAS (Dutch Association for demolition contractors) to strengthen ties and exchange opinions on their vision of the sector.

The Secretaries of National Associations from all around Europe meet every year in order to work on common issues of the demolition industry.