Belgrade gather demolition experts at the SDA Annual Conference


The Serbian Demolition Association, SDA, held its third annual conference, on 29 November in Belgrade.

This edition brought together a wide audience and shown the progress made by the SDA and its members in term of urban demolition, decontamination of space and the incipient recycling activity in the country. The SDA has had also a very active role in writing news laws and amendments.

The event counted with the presence of many high-ranking representatives from Serbian Ministries, the Green Building Council and many local authorities.

The program was very varied with reference speakers such as the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia and the Serbian Institute for Standardization, who has recently created a Technical Committee about circular economy, in which the SDA is actively involved.

Among the international speakers should be highlighted the participation of a Russian delegation of demolition contractors. Mr. Artem Kondratiev explained the current status and challenges of the industry in the Russian Federation.

EDA was also in Belgrade supporting the SDA on its 3rd annual conference. Mr Patrick Frye, EDA Board member and President of the International Committee, gave an European overview of the industry and also present the next EDA Annual Convention, that is going to be held in Belgrade on 4-6 June 2020.

All the participants enjoyed not only of technical presentations but also a showroom with specialized companies that presented their products.