CECE updates its summary related to Exhaust Emissions regulations


  • During the month of January, CECE has updated its summary related to exhaust emissions regulations. Consult the document here.

In recent weeks, the Committee for European Construction Equipment (CECE) has updated its summary of exhaust emissions regulations. A very useful document that can be consulted free of charge (online version).

This new summary includes Stage V regulation, which extends the scope of the exhaust emission legislation to very small (< 19 kW) and very big engines (> 560 kW).

As they explain, this “legislation defines engine categories, which are divided into sub-categories according to their power range. For each category, it sets emission limits and deadlines for implementing them, starting from 2019 to 2021 depending on the type of engine”.

In order to make it easier to understand this legislation, CECE shares the aforementioned document of frequently asked questions, made in collaboration with FEM, CEMA, EGMF, Euromot and EUnited.