Circular Economy and VERAS 2020 – 2021


  • This article was written by Mr. Kees de Groot, chairman of VERAS, for the EDA Yearbook 2021.

One of the strategic goals of VERAS is operate within the Circular Economy. In that respect VERAS carried out the overall Activity Program Circular Demolition last year. Here we will describe some activities and event powered by VERAS.

UIA SuperLocal

The four year project VERAS participated in, UIA SuperLocal, ended this spring. This was a successfull project. The main results are:

  • The circular demolition of a high-rise flat with 100 dwellings.
  • The establishment of four pilot housing units with different reuse techniques, made from the harvested materials of the demolished high-rise flat.
  • A social services center with six functions to strengthen social cohesion and stimulate community building aimed at waste reduction.

The project won some prizes like the Dutch Building Award. VERAS is proud on the results of the project and will spread the results to EDA and other partners in our industry.

Connection with the architects

VERAS cooperates with the assocation of Dutch Architects (BNA). In a circular system it is necessary to inform the designer of a project (building) on the consequences for demolition when using some material and the way materials stick together into buildings. Also VERAS helps the designers to collect secundary materials from demolition projects. Last year demolition contractors and architects / designers met each other in an event.

Website with success stories

Last but not least VERAS host the website with content concerning circular demolition. Members of VERAS are able to show their circular demolition projects on this website. Also the public could find some reports and other interesting information on the website and also the marketplaces for secundary material each demolition contractor manage.