Deconstruction of high rise buildings using tower cranes



Under this title, this presentation will be made by Mr. Thorsten Hesselbein, Head of Department Tower Crane Solutions of LIEBHERR.

The Tower Crane Solutions is a department of Liebherr Tower Cranes Division and provides advice for the project-related planning to find the most efficient lifting solutions.

Main focus is on branches like wind-energy, plant construction and power stations as well as special projects, special use of tower cranes and modified series cranes.


Mr. Thorsten Hesselbein is graduated mechanical engineer und European Welding Engineer.

Since 1991, he is in the tower crane business.

First of all he worked for a construction company as plant manager in Germany, Cameroon and Nigeria.

After this he was in charge for sales and a rental fleet of app. 250 Liebherr tower cranes as international sales manager with a Liebherr dealer for 11 years.

Since November 2015 he is based at the Liebherr Tower Cranes Factory in Biberach.

He is Expert Examiner of Tower Cranes authorized by the German Statutory Accident Insurance by order of the Federal Ministry of Labour.