DigiPlace Project, the digitalization that the construction industry needs


DigiPlace is a framework focused on allowing the development of future digital platforms as common ecosystems of digital services that will support innovation, commerce… for the construction sector.

The construction sector is characterized by a high presence of SME’s, which means low investment in innovation, low capitalization and a long supply chain. Therefore, in the European market, taxation and regulatory frameworks are felt like obstacles to synergies. DigiPlace will address those issues and exploit the European Union added value.

The DigiPlace Project is the first project that aims to the digital transformation of the construction industry to receive EU funding from Directorate-General for Communication Networks, Content and Technology.

To keep the industry in the modern economy and included in its new policies, the digitalization is a must for the construction industry to remain competitive in a globalized market.

Due to the H2020 project, EDA is willing to help companies to better address this digitalization challenge and since EDA works with a lot of European associations in a daily basis, the demolition companies should be represented in  the study.

That is the reason of the following survey, recollect the information it pursues. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete, with your participation you can also win one of the 5 Samsung tablets that the Belgian Building Research Institute is offering.  The deadline to complete this survey is 14th February.

The survey is available in languages such as: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Greek, German, Finnish, Dutch, Croatian, Latvian, Romanian, Slovakian, Swedish, Polish.


For the English version click here.