Do you want EDA reference guides to be translated into your language?


  • Discover the steps to follow to translate EDA guides into your native language.

Throughout 2021, EDA has launched several reference publications on specific topics of interest to demolition professionals. These include the Guide about Attachments for demolition and recycling and the Guide about Carriers for demolition and recycling.

In addition to publishing them in English, the association offers an incredible opportunity to the national associations that are members. All those who wish to do so can translate the guides into their native language and the professionals of the EDA Secretariat will take care of the layout.

So far, the Guide about Attachments for demolition and recycling has been published in Spanish, French, Serbian, Italian and Russian. Other translations are already in the works.

If you would like to have these guides translated into your native language and you are an EDA member, just contact us so we can explain how to proceed. Let’s keep sharing knowledge!