Don’t stop


Following the summer break EDA returns to the regular activity, focusing on the goals of the future.

As an association, EDA does not waste time reflecting on the last milestone achieved but runs towards the future goals with increased energy.

The roadmap for the remains of this year points toward the collaborative marketing campaign “This is Demolition”, launched at the DDR Forum & Expo 2017 with great enthusiasm.

“This is Demolition” is the first global marketing tool created by the industry to share the work and contribution of our people to the society, to engage with the workers related with demolition, decontamination and recycling, and to improve the visibility of the Association and its members.

From this column, we would like to encourage you to visit the dedicated page on the EDA website and complete the form, thus letting us know what demolition means to you:

EDA will take into consideration the feedback received to produce focussed deliverables that will help everyone involved in the industry to make a difference; the campaigns aims to enhance the image of the demolition industry and will fine tune our sphere of activity to correlate with the modern times in which we work.

Our Statistics Working Group is focussed on preparing the first phase of the European Demolition Industry Report 2018. We realise that the 2017 edition was only just launched in June, however, EDA is making a great effort to ensure the most up-to-date information is readily available to industry.

The 2017 publication, which was produced in ten languages and included more visual graphics and comparisons of the trends than in previous years, is up available on request through the EDA website. Please visit our website to obtain your copy of the publication, including now access to the editions from 2016 and 2015, at:

As part of the future goals of the Association, EDA is working on the organization of next Annual Convention, to be held from 7th to 9th June, 2018 in Vienna. This event promises to surpass all previous events in many ways.

Firstly, in 2018 the EDA achieves the milestone of reaching 40 years since its foundation.

To mark this milestone there will be many special surprises and recognitions for members
throughout the event.

Secondly, the topic for the Annual Convention will not only be demolition but also decontamination, which will reinforce the idea expressed some years ago that our industry cannot work alone and that collaboration with other trades is necessary to work towards a Circular Economy.

Last, but not least, in June 2018, I will complete my term of office as EDA President, two years, which may be described as some of the most interesting and challenging years in European History!