EDA contributed to the publication “Circular Economy Principles for Buildings Design publication”


On 4th March 2019, the European Commission adopted a comprehensive report on the implementation of the Circular Economy Action Plan.

This report consolidates the main achievements under the Action Plan and projects the ideas for future challenges that shape our economy and paving the way towards a climate-neutral with circular economy, where pressure on natural and freshwater resources and the several ecosystems is minimized.

The Circular Economy Action Plan is fully completed. Its 54 actions have been delivered, even if the work on some of them continues beyond 2019.

As a follow-up to the construction 2020 strategy and the circular economy package, the Circular Economy Principles for Building Design document has been published. EDA has participated in several working group meetings to produce this publication.

It shares the knowledge and experience of participating stakeholders and has benefited from several rounds of exchange, addressing several interesting topics on circular design, such as durability, adaptability and waste reduction, in order to facilitate high-quality waste management.

The aim of the publication is to reduce the environmental impacts and lifecycle costs of buildings. It is made for all those involved in the construction industry, including economic operators in the value chain, policy-makers, legal and technical actors.

Interested professionals can download this publication through the association’s library.